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Resume Examples

Librarian Resume Example


The key credentials to be highlighted in any Librarian's Resume are experience and education. The candidate should avoid being too common or repetitive in case he wishes to prepare an ideal resume. Any significant achievement, award or honor that the candidate has previously received should definitely be mentioned in the resume. Any community involvement experience that the candidate possesses should also be included in the resume. The resume should be crisp in nature. The following sample resume containing fictional information, will be useful for guiding purposes:

Derek How

766, Elliot Row, Yorkshire, 98729 (000)323 9388

Academic Background

Obtained MS degree in Library Science as the major from Yorkshire State College, Yorkshire in the year of 1992.

Obtained VT B.A degree in English from the Plethora College, Jersey in the year of 1987.

Obtained Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Warwick University, Warwick in the year of 1984.

Professional Background

2000- Present date: Act as a senior librarian in Yorkshire Public Library with the following work responsibilities

Generate the distribution desk in an adequate manner.

Give necessitate training to other stuffs on the using of various index tools as well as catalog and reference questionnaires.

Acquire different places for books, journals and audiovisual CDs and DVDs.

Make wanted book list with thorough checking for preventing doublings.

Keep up required reference search categorizers.

Provide photocopy of selected journals and other items on suitable requests.

Take various methods for keeping records and vital documentation of incoming periodicals and other items with identifying them for further security reason.

Supply necessary directions for proper using of AV tools.

Take due actions for preventing copyright and photocopy measures, running with appropriate circulation and basic filing works as well as numbers of indexes.

Supply required methods for NML classification structures and filing measures through ALA pattern.

Making the actual statistics on door count and circulation procedures of the library in a quarterly basis.

1994- 2000: Worked as a Library Associate in Boston Public Library with the following work responsibilities

Arrange special places for keeping books, journals and audiovisual items.

Compose required book list with thorough examination for avoiding duplication.

Maintain required reference search categorizers.

Grant photocopy of preferred journals and other items on apposite requests.

Administrated the other evening clerks as required.

Take due measures for putting off copyright and photocopy procedures.

Making due procedures for successively going with the appropriate circulation measures and basic filing works.

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