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Resume Examples

Lawyer Resume Example


A Lawyer's resume should essentially reflect interpersonal and communication skills of the candidate and also his or her ability to build up a rapport with every client. The resume should ideally be specific and factual in nature. Law related key words and action words are mandatory to be included in the resume. Following is the example of a resume:

Terry Louis

89, Carter Lane, Liverpool FG 46765 (878)-677 9708


B.A., 1971, Sherwood University

J.D., 1975, University of Hershel's

LL.M., 1977, University of Liverpool


Professor, Morning Star University College of Law St. Louis, California July 1978 (Associate Dean, January 1985 - May 1988; Associate Professor, August 1978- August 1981; Assistant Professor, July 1977 - August 1979)

Subjects: Criminal Law, Law, Literature, and Film, Sentencing, Law and Mental Health, Sexual Orientation and the Law, Legal Writing, Criminal Procedure, Post-conviction Remedies, Conflict of Laws

Visiting Associate Professor, University of California School of Law Charlotteisle, California August - December 1982

Subjects: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure

Assistant Professor, West Ohio University College of Law Memmer, West Ohio August 1976 - May 1978

Subjects: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Courts, Prisoners' Rights, and Jurisprudence


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