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Resume Examples

Help Desk Resume Example


A help desk resume should, through its contents, reflect that the candidate has a well presentable professional image in person as well as on phone. All important details regarding education and work experience need to be included. Also any special achievement such as “Employee of the Month” etc. needs to be mentioned. The following sample is for guiding purposes only:

Peter Brown

West Hampton Street New Jersey (110)27367 889


To acquire the position of a Help Desk Representative


10 years of experience in customer care

Over 5 years of experience working in a help desk

Known for approachability and diplomacy.

Demonstrated ability to quickly appease enraged customer situations

Provided a leadership role while working in a team environment

Supported other team members and facilitated in creating a stress reduced atmosphere

Trained others in the use of applications and in technical support methods

Excellent troubleshooting and logical problem solving skills

High level of communication skills

Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, and set priorities


LLG 227., Croy Venesua, 1998-2003 Senior Technical Support Specialist

Answered technical questions regarding software products and their requirements within related industries

Investigated issues reported by customers and dealers in a timely and efficient manner

Responsible for researching and buying a new Technical Call tracking software including its installation and setup.

Trained other staff to use the program efficiently

Facilitated and participated in conference calls with customers and other departments

Performed data conversions and repairs of customer data in order to meet specified program requirements

Identified and resolved network and DCOM configuration issues

Worked with Research and Development department on Quality Assurance

Created documentation on policy and procedures

Contributed bimonthly articles to PPM 2000's customer newsletter

Attended and played an integral role in department meetings

Wilhmore Transportation Testing Lab, Android Suza 1978-1994 Stock Keeper II / Customer Service

Provided solutions to customer's equipment requirements

Offered excellent customer service in a pleasant and professional manner

Assisted in-house staff and field personnel by solving internal and external concerns or issues

Updated and maintained inventory control

Maintained heavy and light duty equipment including nuclear equipment

Created and utilized methods to store and ship dangerous goods


Education and Skill Enhancements

YYU College of Business and Technology, Programmer Analyst Certificate, 1997

NIAT, SAL Server Level I Certificate, 2002

Variety of professional development programs including “Knock Your Eyes Off Customer service”, supervisory training, time management, and interpersonal skill development and customer service training

Computer Keyboarding at Continuing Education

Computer Projects (at BHI College of Business and Technology)

Completed projects for Computer Programmer Analyst training at the BHI College of Business and Technology in: Visual Basic; C++; C for Windows; dbase I I 1; Clipper; Basic networking

Earned a 100% for first 'C for Windows' project plus three others for Visual Basic and other languages


Computer Skills

Worked with DOS, M.S. Windows 3x, Windows 9x and Windows ME operating environments

Experience with Word for Windows, WordPerfect, and WordStar for Windows

Knowledgeable in programs such as, Access, Excel, Paradox, DBase III and IV, and Lotus 123 v4

PowerPoint and CorelDraw and ClarisWorks

Excellent working knowledge of operating systems for trouble shooting in MS Win 3x, 9x, Win NT, ME, and Win 2000Experience with MS Access, MS Office 2000, Bridge Track, Maximizer, and MS Outlook

Proficient in converting databases from Pervasive's Btrieve format to an MS Access format as well as error checking and correction of both database systems

Experience supporting applications that use MSDE or MS SQL

Supported customers using WebEx

Designing Skills

Developed procedure manuals and designed testing equipment

Collaborated on the design and implementation of a computerized warehousing and inventory tracking system

Planned and designed ergonomically safe and efficient work spaces, work benches and equipment

Designed and created my own web page

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