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Fire Resume Example

The role of a fire-fighter or any relative post involves a high level of integrity and qualification as well. The organization that hires you looks at a good level of education, combined with good qualifications that match the profile of a fire fighter. This also includes the ability of an individual to manage daily responsibilities at the place of work like budgetary needs and planning of activities. The analysis of safety equipment and appliances is a key component of being a fire-fighter. The requisite technical certification to monitor, maintain and utilize such equipment is of critical interest and cannot be compromised. All achievements, certifications and courses in newly developed practices should be mentioned separately and any additional qualifications should be highlighted as well. Besides the basic fire-fighting skills that are most important for the job of a fire-fighting professional, the support skills that assist in managing the workplace are important as well. Any additional achievements gained through reduction in cost, improvement in working conditions/records or a substantial increase in the profits should be presented well. Supervision, streamlining and structuring efforts undertaken during the course of work represent seniority and strategic planning, and should be mentioned duly as well. A sample resume is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


Seeking work as a senior fire-fighting professional to work and serve to the best of my ability in a bid to protect citizens and put my skills to the best use.

Previous Experience

2007 Present Fire-Fighter City of Dallas, Texas

Responsible for responding to any emergency under the purview of the Fire Department

Key role in creation of a systematic database for employee-assistance

Achieved the establishment of 'Highest Safety Standards' for the State of Texas through continuous improvement

Worked on over 324 calls and performed to the best of my ability

2003-2007 Emergency Service Representative Kryptonite Medical Centre, Michigan

Provided advanced medical assistance in Emergency situations

Aiding in the rescue efforts while maintaining health and safety standards at emergency rescue sites


Iowa State University B.A. in Public Administration, 2002

Additional Skills

Trained as a Hazardous Materials Technician

Trained in managing Nuclear material

Good analytical and organizational skills

Great office etiquette and interpersonal behaviour

Ability to think clearly on the job and in immediate/urgent situations

Softwares known - Windows operating systems, with good grasp on Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

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