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Financial Resume

Finance professionals are likely to find abundant job opportunities across all business sectors. An effective financial resume should be divided into sections and sub-sections with professional experience being the topmost and most important section. This should be followed by educational background. Job specific strengths and qualifications must be summarised in the top half of the first page. Certificate courses are an added booster to the profile. Job experience mentioned by the applicant must be relevant and noteworthy. Also, the amount and quality of vocational training, internship and apprenticeship is an additional point to be mentioned that conveys the skill level of the employee. Achievements and awards earned during the course of one's educational or professional career are an integral part of any resume to add strength and show one's mettle. Besides these, any extra-curricular activities that display qualities associated with better performance must be mentioned. The most important point of a financial resume is to highlight quantifiable results of your past work. While profiling your area of expertise it is a good idea to use keywords that are relevant to your career choice in finance. While mentioning any information, be it educational or professional, care should be taken to ensure the accuracy of the information as well as having the requisite documentation to back it up. Candidates should refrain from writing anything in their resume that is not relevant or untrue. A reference from senior personnel and eminent personalities also adds value to a resume. Any other information that highlights qualities while maintaining a professional demeanour should be mentioned. The use of action words is important. Use of short paragraphs and bullet points makes it easier for the potential employer to scan through. Highlighting key points that are important is also very effective. A sample resume is as follows:

Damien Westwood

243, Wodehouse Street  Middletown, NY 2345, (222)-3452345


Position as financial or investment advisor with a leading investment firm, specializing in the management of large corporate assets.


Financial Advisor, 1995 - Present Lamington Consultants, AZ

Managed a diverse portfolio that has experienced at least 20% annual growth over the last seven years. Conducted company research and analysed client profiles, identifying a number of startups that have yielded significant returns. Monitored account activity over the internet.

Junior Analyst, 1989 - 1994 Dover and Hoover Ltd., OR

Prepared investment analyses for clients, including several with more than $500M in total assets under management. Communicated with sell-side analysts and company management. Assessed economic trends. Selected and monitored investments in bonds, banks, automotives, and biotech.


University of Oreo, OR M.B.A. in Financial Studies, June 1994

Institute of Accountancy and Finance, TX B. Science in Accounting, June 1988

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