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Resume Examples

Engineering Resume Example

Engineering is a highly precise field, and hence, the resume for an engineering post in any organization needs to be precise as well. The resume should be like the work of an engineer crisp, informative, direct, relevant, clear and concise, yet thorough and truthful. The objective mentioned in the resume should be comprehensive of the firm, your role and your skills while being synced together. It should also be of relevance to the industry in which the job opening exists. The education should also be relevant to the business in which the engineering job opening is present. The most recent education should be written first, and then others should be mentioned. The skills mentioned should pertain to skills required to perform the job, and skills needed to form a fit with the organizational culture and ethos. Skills that aid in performance of other supporting activities are also essential and are an added bonus. However, the mentions of skills should be careful and precise. Job experience should involve listing the most recent experience first, and then previous terms of job. Working in a good organization and highlighting the achievements and awards that aid the skill of an analyst are a plus point and should be mentioned. The mention of technical certifications is of utmost importance. When you are presenting your resume, you market yourself through it. Hence, it is important to know what your top skills are and what match the company culture and job most. These should be given preference over the others. The use of facts and quantitative achievements is an undeniable strength that adds power to the resume. When mentioning previous jobs, responsibilities and roles that are critical to a company's function should be given more weightage rather than peripheral and small tasks. A sample resume for an engineer is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


To work as an engineer or engineering assistant at a reputed machining firm in a challenging environment in order to utilize my skills to provide best possible results while honing my abilities and adding to my skill-set.


Accurate machining skills

Good analytical and organizational skills

Softwares known - Windows operating systems, with good grasp on Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Previous Experience

2007 Present Machining Assistant Germatec Forging, Michigan

Responsible for all upkeep and maintenance of machining systems

Development and cutting of new forging designs for automobile engine parts

Responsible for assisting new employees as part of training

2003-2007 Machine Fitter Kryptonite Resources, Michigan

Fitting smaller components into Forging Presses from 400 Ton to 1600 Ton

Handling billets and processing into smaller parts on Screw Presses


Yankovich Technical Institute, Michigan Bachelor in Machining Operations

Certificate course in basic machining tools and operations

Course in Forging Machinery Foundation and Advanced

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