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Employee Relations Resume

Employee Relations Resume

An employee relations resume should ideally be a written document that provides evidence of the applicant being a good employee relations executive. It should reflect clearly the credentials of the individual applying for the job, along with any form of previous experience possessed by the individual that is relevant to the organization offering the job that he or she is applying for. Along with a brief, yet detailed snapshot of the credentials possessed by the applicant, the resume should also contain information regarding previous education. Job experience mentioned by the applicant must be relevant and noteworthy. In this context it will be noteworthy to cite any past 'real world' experience with employees. Also, the amount and quality of vocational training, internship and apprenticeship is an additional point to be mentioned that conveys the skill level of the employee. Achievements and awards earned during the course of one's educational or professional career are an integral part of any resume to add strength and show one's mettle. Besides these, any extra-curricular activities that display qualities associated with better performance must be mentioned. It is a good idea to elaborate on any management strategies and employee relations tools that you have used in the past. Positive trends in the career must be highlighted with special emphasis on contribution to any special events for the organisation. While mentioning any information, be it educational or professional, care should be taken to ensure the accuracy of the information as well as having the requisite documentation to back it up. Candidates should refrain from writing anything in their resume that is not relevant or untrue. A reference from senior personnel and eminent personalities also adds value to a resume. Any other information that highlights qualities while maintaining a professional demeanour should be mentioned. The use of action words is important. Highlighting key points that are important is also very effective. A sample resume is as follows:

Damien Westwood

243, Wodehouse Street  Middletown, NY 2345, (222)-3452345


Looking for a position in a reputed organization where my work will be targeted on employee relation.

Previous Experience

Worked as a consultant on several global assignments in LLP. Worked as group and in evaluation process of performance.

Worked from 11/00 to 10/03 as Employee relation manager in PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Developed and implemented training on HR related subject matter. Provided solutions related to the problems related investigation process. Prepared summary report on the issues related to employee relations and attended unemployment hearing.

Qualification gained

BA in human resource management: 70% - 1998 - From Cambridge University.

Masters in computer application: 80% - 2000 - School of Computer Education & Training, Dallas, TX

Computer Literacy

Thorough knowledge and efficiency in using software applications such as FoxPro, dBase, SQL, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power Point, etc.

Basic knowledge computer programming like C, C++, Java and Unix.


Achieved scholarships from different professional organization for academic excellence. Have an excellent record of performance in work.

Well recognized by management for providing excellent HR work.




Ability to face immediate challenges in a dynamic environment

Self Photo: Will be given when needed.

References: Will be provided when asked for.

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