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Driver Resume Example

The job of a driver is not confined solely to driving. It entails the possession of certain characteristics and qualities that assist in the process while performing other related tasks at the same time. A basic level of education is important. The main responsibilities will be transporting people or goods to certain locations and delivering on time, resolving mechanical issues along the way, as well as tackling problems that happen on the go. When it comes to credentials, it must be important to mention your license category and the types of vehicles and distances that you are eligible for. Planning routes is an integral part of a driver's job in order to try and understand the quickest and most economical route despite the presence of pre-established GPS systems and route maps. The job also requires a driver to be competent to understand and handle invoices and relevant documentation as part of the delivery process. Achievements and clean records are important for a person applying for job as a driver. Use of action words is essential. The truthfulness and simplicity of a resume are key factors in building a good resume for applying for the post of a driver in a suitable firm. A sample resume is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


To work as a driver in a reputed firm for transportation of goods, while being open to cross-country travel


Great handling of vehicles over long and short distances

Good analytical and organizational skills

Great interpersonal behaviour

Good understanding of invoices and basic transport documentation

Softwares known - Windows operating systems, with good grasp on Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Previous Experience

2007 Present Truck Driver Germatec Technologies, Michigan

Responsible for transporting highly unstable cryogenic containers across states

Drove more than 130,000 miles in heavy-duty trucks across different terrains

Transported good with 95% on-time delivery stats

No records of speeding/rash driving with any State department over duration of work

Extensive knowledge of roads and routes over the East-Coast

Worked for 4 months as a fitter and repair technician after course in mechanical repairs of light, medium and heavy vehicles with National Garage Repairs, Phoenix


Michigan State University, Michigan Beginners' Logistics, 2006

Certificate course in Trucks of America, 2006

6-month Course in mechanical repairs of light, medium and heavy vehicles, 2007

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