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Resume Examples

Construction Resume Example

As a construction specialist, you can be applying for a job of a carpenter, labourer, site supervisor or manager, amongst many other possible jobs. The key is to see what matches your skills. The skills required for the job may include the management of construction, drywall skills, finish carpentry and polishing, development of proposals, supervision of on-site operations, or any other associated task. The skills that match with your profile and expertise define what job to apply for Job experience mentioned by the applicant must be relevant and noteworthy. Also, the amount and quality of vocational training, internship and apprenticeship is an additional point to be mentioned that conveys the skill level of the employee. Achievements and awards earned during the course of one's educational or professional career are an integral part of any resume to add strength and show one's mettle. While mentioning any information, be it educational or professional, care should be taken to ensure the accuracy of the information as well as having the requisite documentation to back it up. Candidates should refrain from writing anything in their resume that is not relevant or untrue. A reference from senior personnel and eminent personalities also adds value to a resume. Any other information that highlights qualities while maintaining a professional demeanour should be mentioned. The use of action words is important. The key to a good resume that makes an impact is to write the right information in a simple format, with lucid language. Highlighting key points that are important is also very effective. A sample resume is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


To positively contribute and work in a challenging environment with a real estate development firm in the Manhattan belt

Previous Experience

2007 Present Design Engineer Germatec Technologies, Michigan

Responsible for preparation of logs and data from daily reports

Key role in creation of a systematic database for employee-assistance

Co-ordinate filed activities with change in design

Internal scheduling of operations

2003-2007 Staff Engineer Kryptonite Resources, Michigan

Supervised site work and conducted layout preparations for property space over 5000 sf

Preparing budget for costs and presenting it to the board

Site manager for more than 12 major projects, involving 193 sites over 5000 sf spanning 4 years


Yankovich Technical Institute, Michigan Civil Engineering, 2003


Proficient in designing through AutoCAD

Fluent in English, French, Spanish

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