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Resume Examples

Banking Resume Example

Banking is a serious profession and the job openings in the field of banking at various levels are usually plenty. So whether the opening is at the CFO-level or somewhere in between as an analyst, or somewhere towards the entry-level as a financial consultant, the resume has to reflect a particular characteristic trend making the resume format more or less similar across levels. Banking resumes first have a section where you fill in personal details and contact information. Then, the most important part of the banking resume comes into picture, which is the job experience section. This is because the previous experience of an individual is of primordial criticality when considering the new job. Hence, this is placed right at the top of the resume. After this, the achievements and awards of the individual should be highlighted in a strong manner to bring attention. Those at work attain more importance than extra-curricular achievements and awards. The use of action words while entailing responsibilities is again an important point to be considered as this adds more strength to the resume. Beyond work experience, your areas of expertise and skills need to be mentioned. Then, your educational qualifications should be mentioned with the most recent qualification being listed first. Providing a brief summary, keeping the contextual information concise and yet providing perfect detail to highlight your achievements and milestones is a sure way to building a good resume. The sample resume is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)

Previous Work Expereince

Bank of America Department Head, Commodities (2008-Present)

Understanding current market scenario and communication of reports to analysts who document market movements

Creation of processes and products to deal with commodities trading and improvement of current processes and products

Supervision of commodities trading operations and rectification of arrears

Banco Santander Manager, Trade Services (2003-2006)

Managing trade service operations for the Central America region as part of a 6-member team under a Senior Manager

Co-ordinating with team on trade service forums and discussions while preparing reports for the same

Monitoring trade processes for country allotted (Mexico)

ANZ Grindlays Vice President, Securities (1998-2004)

Monitoring security transactions in the Phoenix branch

Responsible for clearing 80% of securities transactions everyday and attaining efficiency as a team


Good analytical and organizational skills

Great office etiquette and interpersonal behaviour

Ability to lead a team of individuals through perfect co-ordination and team-spirit

Softwares known - Windows operating systems, with good grasp on Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.


Yankovich Business School, Michigan M.B.A. in Banking, 2008

Cornell University Honors in Economics & Social Sciences, 1998

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