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Art Resume Example

Art resumes are different from other resumes as they have two forms. They can be long or short. This is because of the type of organization where the job opening is present. Some resumes are needed to be very comprehensive and complete in every respect including minor details and small projects as well. However, some companies may require only the very critical information that is crisp, short, and stand-alone. The name and contact information usually needs you to write your name and address along with your contact number. Educational information should cover your latest education and highlights/achievements first and cover additional courses attended as well. Honors and scholarships deserve a special mention and boost the value of your resume. All your work, whether literary or graphic, should be mentioned in a section called the 'bibliography'. This basically showcases all the renowned and recognized creations in the field of arts and literature. Exhibitions, collections, big projects are commendable and add weightage to the resume. Professional experience should be listed with the most recent ones mentioned first. Achievements, awards and recognition at work and during the course of work should be highlighted. These can include designs or special pieces of art/architecture, workshops undertaken, as well as personal technical experience in the industry of their functional excellence. The sample resume should be as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


Yankovich State University, Michigan Master of Arts, 2006 GPA : 4

Meridien Institute of Arts, Michigan Bachelor of Arts, 2004

Relevant Courses Completed

Modern European Architecture

Archaic Art

Asian arts and crafts

American Design and Art

Previous Experience 2008 Present Senior Consultant Germatec Architecture, Michigan

Meeting clients to understand business needs and preparing architectural research plans in accordance with needs

Developing architectural models and designs for major construction projects

2006 2008 Intern - Architectural Curator New York Architectural Works Museum, NY

Responsible for classification, understanding and reproduction of designs of existing records

Maintenance of records

Assisting Senior/ Permanent staff in the department to collect new artefacts and designs


'Architectural design of the year' for the Sheffield Spaces project in 2009.

'Display of the week' at the World Creative Tech-fest in 2008 for the Twisted Building design.


Proficient in fine arts and design

Good grasp and understanding of foreign culture with course in 'Foreign Culture Transition'

Excellent spoken and written English, German, Russian

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