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Resume Examples

Agriculture Resume Example

A job in the field of agriculture could involve becoming a farm worker, a supervisor, a farm manager or a manager in-charge of an entire business. What is important to realize when making a resume for a post in the field of agriculture is that the resume has to be crisp and small, readable and very communicative. Achievements and awards through previous work and education are a great strength and speak volumes about performance. Any seminars or workshops relative to the field of agriculture develop one's skills and add value to the individual, and hence require a special mention. Mentioning relevant skills and recent information is amongst the most impactful parts of a resume. Before applying for the job, the resume as well as the individual should be suited for the job, outlining clearly the basic roles that will have to be performed while at the job. The individual will be looking at a very specific job position, hence, preparing for it well and knowing exactly what needs to be performed on the job is a very important part of the resume-understanding process. Previous job experience and reference from managers who have recorded performance or supervised your work will be an added strength that makes your resume more concrete.

A sample resume for an agricultural post is as follows: Jedadiah Holtzberg

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)

Brief Summary

A professional in the domain of agriculture with experience in managing farms and ranches over the last 10 years. Able to generate over 25% growth in farm and ranch through use of efficient management and farm skills. Strengths include animal farming and crop farming, with experience in conducting a range of services across the domains of pest management and eradication, marketing of agricultural produce; at the same time, was involved in teaching and research operations in subjects pertaining to agriculture and related fields. Proven as an individual possessing good ability to negotiate with financial institutions to procure good financing options, and with raw material suppliers to bargain on prices of high-quality agricultural equipment and supplies and get a fair deal at the best possible price.

Education and Training

Yankovich School of Farm Managers, Michigan A F M (Accredited Farm Manager), 2002

University of Agricultural Sciences, NY M.S. Agricultural Science, 1998


Deep understanding of computers to simplify and develop agricultural methods and aid in process with use of Windows operating systems and a good grasp on Microsoft Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Good analytical and organizational skills

Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills

Previous Experience

Agricultural Supervisor, Caramel Farms In. Phoenix, AZ

Responsible for scheduling and planning of farming activities including sowing, irrigating, reaping crops

Regulated flow of resources to plant, grow and maintain the crop

Devised ways and methods to implement newer technologies to increase yield of the crop

Established as a liaison between farm managers and project managers to communicate delivery statistics on crop produce and yield-management, as well as discussing the probability of application of newer methods on farms

Identified fertile land and issues causing slow growth, and accelerated growth of crops as well as herd of cattle through total management of all aspects including quality fodder, proper immunization and good care

Maintained all possible information and details on land, growth progress of crops, yield improvement of cattle, meat quality checks

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