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Resume Examples

Advertising Resume Example

Advertising is a diverse job, which is different from the rest and requires a different set of skills and abilities. One must be highly particular about the details and format of a resume in advertising as most of the resumes are directly reviewed by individuals in the top level management of the company. For those who are fresh out of college, the focus should be more on academics, achievements, skills and awards. Anything which is more relevant to the field of advertising is an added bonus. The presence of a well-defined career goal is a major point that shows an individual's solidarity and focus. For those with some prior experience in the domain of advertising, mentioning campaigns and projects worked on before is a necessity to showcase the skills, creativity and abilities exhibited through your work. At the same time, highlighting achievements and awards gained through the course of work strengthens the resume. However, those with a longer tenure of experience will have multiple projects and an extensive history of work, which should be kept concise and crisp with only the key points highlighted. This will bring about stability and quality in the resume, rather than quantity. At an executive level, the level of technical details will be higher as will the details in experience. Crisp resumes reflect your own level of understanding of your career, which adds to the strength of the individual's own abilities and qualities. A sample resume for reference is as follows:

John Smith

1369, North Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 08248, (111-6236232)


To work at a suitable Management level and department at a reputed Advertising firm


Professional attitude and high level of creativity supplemented with enthusiasm and energy

Good analytical and organizational skills

Effective and efficient communication skills complemented with focused approach to situations

Softwares known - Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw


Yankovich Media School, Michigan B.A. in Marketing

Certificate courses in Public Relations, Public Speaking Advanced, Organizational Communication, Graphic Designing


Worked with Ogilvy through the B.A. in Marketing course for community-service initiatives and associated creative activities. Performed the campaign across campuses and interacted with students and general masses to convey the message issued in the initiatives.

Previous Experience

2007 Present Creative Team Leader Germatec Entertainment, Michigan

Responsible for understanding and formation of final creative plan with support from creative team members

Responsible for formation of core structure for ideation process and on-time delivery

Concept-formation, group discussion, presentation of ideas to the clients

2003-2007 Team Member Creatives Team Kryptonite Media, Michigan

Organized and planned resources for media team

Part of team for ideation and creative-designing for all concepts in the FMCG sector

Maintaining records and storyboards from previous and existing campaigns systematically

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