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Acting Resume Example

ACTING RESUME An acting resume is basically a professional copy that every actor or aspiring actor essentially needs to possess. The resume should include each and every kind of important exposure and experience that the candidate has acquired in the field of acting. It must be noted that not every experience and exposure should be mentioned; only the noteworthy ones that have a chance of standing out. Also, there should be a special mention of any form of professional or vocational training, apprenticeship or internship that the candidate has undertaken in acting. It is very necessary for the resume to be as attractive as possible since in today's market there are millions of acting resumes being floated and most usually go unnoticed. Achievements, awards and honors if any should most definitely be highlighted in the resume. The entire resume should ideally be not more than a one page document. The resume should be sub divided, so as to clearly indicate the experience and exposure in various field of acting such as theatre, stage, films, commercials etc. separately. Professional affiliations and educational qualifications of the candidate when mentioned in the resume add strength to it. A successful resume should contain a glamorous headshot containing the face of the candidate. It must be ensured that while filling in the resume, the candidate should not lie about any of the facts mentioned. It may jeopardize the prospects of the candidates acting career and put a question mark to the credibility of the candidate. The contact information provided in the resume should always be up to date so as to facilitate any form of immediate response or communication that it wished to be made to the candidate. Here is an example of how to write an acting resume:

Hershey Brown 1231, West 64 Street, Carlisle, MA 02741, (123)-456 7870.

Hair: Black Weight: 181 Eyes: Brown Height: 5'11" Vocal: Tenor THEATER: The Last Dance Romano (lead) Arthur Robert dir. Swirling Falls Diego (lead) Collins Harold dir. Crazy Night chorus Theodore Welt dir. Tours Swirling Falls Diego National Tour Sinking Leaf chorus National Tour Regional Lady White George Playhouse Theatre, Chicago Brown Girl Stanley Old Town Center, Orlando Cardington Day Lloyd Alabama Playwrights' Festival FILM: Killing BIrd Elvin dir (New Age Productions) Generating New Rissole dir (Fox Tone) TELEVISION: Teenage Blues Ron (guest appearance) GLT TV Graphic Foray guest appearance WBC TV COMMERCIALS: Roach Killer Regional TRAINING: MFA Mackenzie University BFA Houseman College Improvisation Michael Beats, Janet Corasy Stage Combat George Seaton Voice Ann Rivers Dance Miriam Webber

Special Skills Dialects:

Cockney, Indian, Russian Horseback Riding, Fencing, Juggling, Guitar, trombone, Can raise just one eyebrow, Can wiggle ears, Can do splits.

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